Creating Values

Understanding perfection – Passion drives shapes

Creating quality on a new level means happiness – not only for the carpenter but also for the user. Most of the commercial products compromise on certain aspects. We have deliberately decided to take a different path – TIMBERROLL’s philosophy is to create not to produce. We stand for high-quality & local resources, appealing and uncompromising design as well as best-in class manufacturing.

Feeling quality

Skin on wood – primal power for your body

No other material epitomizes strength, warmth and feel as genuinely as solid wood. Our goal is to provide every sportsperson with a natural tool for highest quality self-massage. Shape, material and manufacturing quality are uncompromising and allow for maximum quality and highest massage experiences.


  • Clean design to enhance a precise massage experience

    As athletes, we have been looking for solutions to actively support the recovery of tired muscles and achieve better regeneration. With our TIMBERROLL products made of mountain timber, we have consistently implemented a solution that convinces even demanding athletes with its shape and hardness. There is now nothing standing in the way of a precise massage and better recovery.

  • Alpine aesthetics

    As a trail runner, we move a lot in the mountains and enjoy the original power of the alpine forests every time anew. TIMBERROLL combines this energy and simple aesthetics.

  • High quality craftsmanship

    Too many things in our lives are merely practical solutions. With TIMBERROLL we go another way. Quality is paramount – wood, form and craftsmanship seek perfection. We know that masterpieces of craftsmanship bring joy – for the turner and the sportsman.

  • Local Swiss mountain timber & sustainable values

    Wind and weather make mountain forests breathe. Slowly but vigorously, high quality timber grows in alpine areas as a sustainable resource. TIMBERROLL provides a lasting and valuable experience with carefully manufactured products.



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