• Active Regeneration

    The TIMBERROLL products help you to find and solve “adhesions” and trigger points. The circulation of the respective body site is stimulated, thus supporting its active regeneration. The regeneration with TIMBEROLL makes glued fascia and tense muscles supple. Combined with the activation of the blood circulation and increased metabolism optimized recovery and an improved performance can be reached. An optimal recovery is achieved by using TIMBERROLL products 3 to 4 times a week for 10 minutes. They can also be used more often if required.

  • Fasciae & Muscles

    Fasciae are made of stiff connective tissue and surround every muscle and every organ in the body. Fasciae are inelastic in length and thus give the muscle stability. The muscle’s elastic energy is passed through the fasciae directly to the movement. Strong loads subsequently also require the fasciae and may easily lead to overloading, which is perceived as painful spots by nerves. The unrolling of the fasciae helps to loosen these tensions and to reduce potential inflammations faster through the improved blood circulation.

  • When not?

    You should refrain from fasciae roles if any of the following applies:

    • Reddening
    • Swelling
    • Acute pain sensation


    You should also consult with your doctor or physiotherapist in cases of pregnancy, osteoporosis, disc damage, medication, joint prostheses, cancer, etc.