• Ischiokruarle muscles (“HamstRings”)
  • M. biceps femoris
  • M. semitendinosus
  • M. semime,branosus

The muscles of the back thigh allow the flexion of the leg. Very run-oriented athletes like runners, soccer or tennis players often suffer from shortened muscles.


Standard Exercise

Place the MONOBALL from the back of the thigh. Place the other leg next to the MONOBALL on the floor to relieve pressure. Roll carefully across the area of the posterior thigh from the popliteal fossa to the position of the buttock muscle and release your trigger points. Use the second leg to increase or decrease the pressure as needed

Advanced Version

To increase the pressure on the back thigh, the passive leg can be put on the active one in order to use the pressure of the whole body weight.

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