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Wood: Largeleaf linden from the Bernese Alps
Diameter: 12.5cm
Weight: 400g

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    As the name suggests MONOBALL is carved out of a single piece of largeleaf linden. To create a solid wooden ball with a diameter of 12cm requires timbers of a special cut. Drying these thick rough cuts takes a year – at best. And even utmost care and time in the drying process cannot prevent cracks from occurring. Our experienced wood turner cuts the blanks out of the trunk minimizing waste. Whatever doesn’t make it for our MONOBALL is reused in other products.

    Form follows function. With a diameter of 12cm MONOBALL is ideal to release deep muscular tensions. MONOBALL is especially suited for a pinpoint massage of the gluteus and hamstring muscles. An optimal massage experience depends on precise pressure on the right spots with a suitable tool. In the interplay with your own bodyweight MONOBALL has sufficient density / is hard enough to create the right pressure on your trigger points and release tensions. The finely sanded and oiled wood provides sufficient diameter for your use.

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