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Wood: Sycamore maple from the Bernese Alps
Diameter: 15cm
Length: 35cm
Weigth: 1200g

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    The OKTOWOOD combines an artful octagon on the inside with a perfectly turned rounding on the outside. It is carved out of Swiss sycamore maple from the region Axalp in the Bernese Oberland. Due to the harsh mountain climate the sycamore maple grows slowly but exhibits a dense and heavy wood – one of the main reasons why OKTOWOOD feels so valuable. The careful work on the wood lathe step by step carves out a unique masterpiece from the raw timber – each having its own coloring and annual rings which preserve the story of the Swiss Alps.

    The 15cm diameter of the OKTOWOOD creates an ideal distance to the floor enabling you to exercise pinpoint pressure on muscles, fasciae and trigger points. An optimal massage experience depends on precise pressure on the right spots with a suitable tool. In the interplay with your own bodyweight OKTOWOOD has sufficient density/ is hard enough to create the right pressure on your trigger points. And with 35cm length OKTOWOOD provides sufficient space for a relaxed rolling experience. The finely sanded and oiled wood on your skin creates a unique warmth and feeling of primal power no other material can convey.

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