Sycamore maple

Acer pseudoplatanus

The sycamour maple is a large deciduous broad-leaved tree native to the Swiss mountains. Every autumn the characteristic five-lobed leaves turn the mountain forests into a firework of colors. The sycamour maple’s wood is relatively heavy and dense weighing 600kg per cubic meter. Due to the harsh mountain climate of the Axalp it takes over 100 years to grow a trunk of sufficient diameter. The combination of close grain, fine surface texture and dense/hard core make the sycamour maple the ideal choice for our OKTOWOOD.

Sycamour maple is ascribed cooling and decongestant effects in naturopathy.


Wind and weather have shaped our wood

Slowly – unceasing – naturally

Largeleaf linden

Tilia platyphyllos

The largeleaf linden is a particularly assertive species enabling it to secure sufficient sunlight even on steep mountainsides. The lindens’ low elasticity and moderate density of 500kg per cubic meter allow rough cuts of over 20cm which are dried for over a year before they make their way into the hands of our wood turner for the MONOBALL. The tree trunks used for the MONOBALL are between 60 and 100 years of age. The largeleaf linden can, however, reach an age of up to 1000 years. As the wood has low importance for forestry purposes the largeleaf linden can be found all over Switzerland’s (mountainous) mixed forests.

Wood and flower of the largeleaf linden are often used in naturopathy.


Feel the primal power of the mountains

Skin on wood

TIMBERROLL is exclusively crafted in the Bernese Oberland out of local mountain wood. We personally know all the people involved – from tree to product. This starts with the owner of the forest as well as the forester and foreman and of course Thomas, our wood turner. Our turnery is FSC certified (SQS-CoC-22541-F) and official “Schweizer Holz” (certification number Lignum 70-0020).